I want to wear less clothing around without being sexualized.

Healing is a choice. It is not an easy one because it takes work to turn around your habits. But keep making the choice and shifts will happen.

– Yehuda Berg (via onlinecounsellingcollege)


im so upset that i can’t talk to bugs because i don’t want to kill these ants i found in my room but i also don’t want them here why can’t i just tell them “hey dudes you’re just doing you and i appreciate that but could you do it somewhere else” and they’d be like “yeah dude but we’re hella hungry” and i could just be like “well what if i just give you guys a sandwich a month or something” and they’d be like “hella” and i’d be like “hella”

Look into the eyes of an animal once in a while. It’s the purest look you will ever get.

– Shanti (via grimoireandfaeries)